What is included in the pack?

1.       ‘HOW TO GET DEBT FREE’ book

2.       Binder with P2A ring mechanism and pen loop

3.       One year’s worth of forms:

•        Instructions for use

•        Money Tracker & Analysis forms

•        Summary forms

•        Bank Reconciliation form

•        Regular Payments & Income form

•        Gift Aid Payments record

•        Savings record

•        Loans Record

•        Bank Account and Contact Details form

•        Note paper

•        Calendar

•        Storage wallets

4.       10 part divider set

5.       2 Today markers

Step 1 - Money Tracker

List your expenses

This is how you keep a running tally of your bank balance and your incomings and outgoings. This is the very first step in gaining control of your money. Even if you can’t manage anything else, it’s important to make a start with this.

The Money Tracker is a record of the money you have in your bank account and in cash and vouchers. Keeping this up to date will ensure that you know exactly how much money you have at any given time. It will help you to prevent overspending and will show you how much extra you can put towards your mortgage at the end of the month.

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Step 2 - Analysis

Know where your money is going

The analysis page is where you break down the amount you have spent into the appropriate columns so you can see where it is all going. This is very important and must be filled in when you enter each payment.

Income is recorded on the Money Tracker but not on the analysis.

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Step 3 - Summary

Budgets, Targets & Goals

This is the interesting bit.

This is where you discover that ‘number crunching’ is fun! Filling in this sheet is not so much like painting by numbers, it’s painting with numbers. You are building up a picture of your spending habits. At first the results will no doubt be messy. But the whole point is, it’s the key to amending, modifying and refining your spending.

Simply enter the monthly actual totals for each category from your
Analysis form. If you use Current A/C 2 you will need to add together the totals for both accounts so that the summary shows your total spend. You must do this at the end of every month as this is the best way to highlight where money can be saved.

The categories on this sheet are the same as the Analysis sheet except that the headings go down the page. This makes it easier to add up the total expenditure each month.

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