Can MPD be used alongside my paper system?

MPD is designed to work as a standalone system although some users may prefer to write their transactions in to the paper versions and then enter on to MPD. However, such are the extensive benefits of MPD that we would always recommend that MPD be used as your complete system on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Why is MPD only available in UK and Europe at the moment?

The MPD program is being launched for the UK and Europe regions first and will be rolled out to all other regions mid-2012.  This is because there are different requirements for each region and we are keen to ensure that we support each region as best we can.

Can accounts and other entries only be added during the System Setup Steps?

No, the initial Setup Steps are there to helkp you get a feel of how the system works and to ensure that you enter the necessary information and data to get the most out of the system.  Any of this information can also be added in after the initial setup has been completed.

Is a MPD trial available?

No, there is no trial program available, instead we have spent considerable resource on the video clips – these, along with the downloadable instruction manual, should give you a very good overview.

Where do I find my URN?

The URN is your unique OFG/UBT Customer Number and can be found on UBT invoices or you can contact the UBT Helpdesk - Tel +44 (0)3300 55 55 00    

Lost my username and/or password

If you have lost your username and/or password please send an email to support@moneyplansystem.com with a note of your Product Key (shown on the original email from MoneyPlan).  They will then send you a separate note of your credentials.

Can MPD be used on 32 and 64-bit machines?

MPD is designed for use on the majority of Windows machines available.  However, to avoid any confusion the points below should clarify:


  • 32-bit - Fully Compatible
  • 64-bit - Fully Compatible


  • 32-bit - Fully Compatible
  • 64-bit - NOT Compatible

By default, Microsoft Office 2010 installs the 32-bit version of Office 2010 even if your computer is running 64-bit editions of Windows.

Important    The 32-bit version of Office 2010 is the recommended option for most people, because it prevents potential compatibility issues with other 32-bit applications, specifically third-party add-ins that are available only for 32-bit operating systems.

For clarification of this point refer to the following Microsoft article http://office.microsoft.com/en-gb/word-help/choose-the-32-bit-or-64-bit-version-of-office-HA010369476.aspx

If you have Office 64-bit installed it is recommended that you reinstall the 32-bit version, unless there is a specific reason that you require it.  You will then be able to install and run the MPD program successfully.

Can MPD be installed on more than one machine, such as my home and work machines?

MPD is licensed for use on one machine, for one user.  The program is designed to be used from one machine and at this point can't be used on multiple machines for the same user.

Does MPD work with all Streamline and Home machines?

MPD is created on the Microsoft Office Access platform and has been tested on all Streamline and Home machine versions available at the time of development. For machines such as 2000H that do not have MS Access installed you may need to install the Microsoft Runtime version of Access which is available free of charge from here .  Please note that this is a Microsoft product and is not in any way related to MoneyPlan or UBT.

For machines that have a Microsoft Office other than Professional the Runtime program noted above will need to be installed.  Please note that where a Microsoft Professional trial edition has been used and expired this will need to be uninstalled before installing the Runtime version.

For any technical queries relating to your Microsoft Office suite please contact Streamline support.

Will I need to subscribe to MPD every year?

MPD carries a one-off purchase price and then a annual subscription.  This also includes for product technical support through the website Help facility and minor product updates as they become available.  From time to time major developments and new features will be released and made available through the website.

It is estimated that the annual renewal cost will be £40 per year of use.

Will you be providing training?

Training is an area that is under constant development.  This includes initiatives for local presentations and also strutured training programs through UBT.  On the MPD considerable effort has been put in to the pdf Help manual and video clips available on the website.  We believe that this will give you everything that you need operate and get the most from your program.  We also suggest that you regularly revisit the Training and Money Articles page to get the benefit of our regularly updated content.  And of course, if you have suggestions, tips or ideas please submit them.

Can my license be used for more than one user?

No, each license is restricted for use with one set of finances, on one machine.

However, you can run multiple users on one machine - every user will require their own license.

If I change my computer can I move my MPD?

Yes, there is a special licensing facility to permit the moving of MPD from one machine to another.  This is however strictly controlled and requires you to submit a support ticket here

When can I start using MPD?

Now!  Not only can you start at any point through the year you can also import your previous month’s figures.  We suggest that you start at the beginning of a month to ensure that your monthly averages are shown as true and meaningful values.

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Can MPD be used on a USB Memory Stick?

The MPD is designed to be installed on a PC rather than a memory stick and at the moment there isn’t a facility for this to work successfully.  Because the license is validated to a specific machine this means that you can only install and run from one specific machin.