Will you be providing training?

Training is an area that is under constant development.  This includes initiatives for local presentations and also strutured training programs through UBT.  On the MPD considerable effort has been put in to the pdf Help manual and video clips available on the website.  We believe that this will give you everything that you need operate and get the most from your program.  We also suggest that you regularly revisit the Training and Money Articles page to get the benefit of our regularly updated content.  And of course, if you have suggestions, tips or ideas please submit them.

Should I purchase MoneyPlan for my employees?

Are you helping your team get ahead?

Encourage your employees to make the most of their salary. You pay the wages, what happens next?

“Is everybody, every householder writing down what they spend every month..?”

MoneyPlan makes an ideal end of year gift to your workforce: a household financial
management system designed for our way of life, it provides everything that’s
needed for anyone aspiring to;

  • get out of debt
  • gain control of their finances
  • make better use of what they’ve got

An added benefit for you is that a financially aware employee
is a more focussed employee who’ll do more to help
the business forward...

Know of someone else who could make good use of
MoneyPlan? No need to limit it to the company. Give them
a priceless helping hand on the path to having their finances
under control...

“ It’s so much simpler for those that can record”

MoneyPlan - the tools to control and manage household finances.

Make a difference to your business - place your order today!